From 1796 to 1850 the birth records in the parish books state also the house numbers.

Stable built-up area assumed from 1850 to 1890 house numbering of the parish books is inserted into the topographical map. As fixed point the former house No. 55 (today house No. 79) was taken which should have been the former house of the Thomas family and which is stated in the parish book of 1844 as house owned by Anton Domas (Thomas).

For the two periods 1796 to 1806 and 1839 to 1848 the male inhabitants are listed according to the house numbering of the parish books. No house numbering is stated for the inhabitants of the 3 domains, for the teacher’s and the forester’s houses.

With the inhabitants of the domains the census results of 1905 show 831 inhabitants for Dambitsch. In the period of 1890 to 1905 approximately 16 new houses were erected e.g. the today’s houses No. 58, 59 and 74 which are not yet shown on the topographical map of 1890.

Without the domain’s inhabitants 10 % of the inhabitants were of Polish mother tongue. For the inhabitants of the 3 domains this percentage was 40%. According to the assumptions for house numbering the assignment of house numbers to the buildings in the topographical map may be faulty.